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Carnaby Dress Inspiration blog header One of the very first sewing patterns I ever owned was for a simple shift dress and since then I've always had an arsenal of them in my wardrobe. If dresses are your thing, a shift is one of the most versatile garments you can sew – and although we've added the 'skirt' seam line and the pocket details to Carnaby it remains a wonderful option for creating a whole gamut of different looks. Here's some inspiration to get you started on making Carnaby your own... Denim shift dress montage

Top, left to right: MOTO, Jack Wills, Glam Radar Bottom, left to right: ASOS, Her New Tribe,

One can't go wrong with a denim dress. Wear it in the summer with bare legs and sandals for effortless cool, or in the winter layered with turtle necks and warm tights. Speaking of layering...

Layered shift dresses montage Top, left to right: Popsugar, Fast Food and Fashion, Glam Radar Bottom, left to right: Elle, Urban Outfitters

A shirt under a shift can make your dress work for you year-round – the sleeveless option of Carnaby would work particularly well for this. Or pair it with a turtle neck (we love Papercut Patterns Rise and Fall Turtlenecks, and Megan Nielsen's Rowan) for sixties chic.

Top, left to right: Boden, source, Sortra Bottom, left to right: Boohoo, source

No one said simple has to mean boring! A dress like Carnaby is the perfect showcase for colour-blocking or splashing a print. Or even boldly blocking two clashing prints. There are just so many ways to style and customise this simplest of shapes; we hope this has given you a few jumping-off points!

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