Hello, I'm Nina!

Nina Lee is my independent pattern label celebrating the mighty power of making! Founded in London, my designs so far have been inspired by the incredible heritage and diversity of that brilliant place. Patterns are named after places in the city, from fashion-forward Carnaby Street to the historic treasure trove that is Bloomsbury, and on the printed pattern envelopes you'll find my original ink illustrations capturing the atmosphere of each neighbourhood. But now I'm based in northern California and am excited to bring you some new designs with a little west-coast flavour... 

My aim here is to be part of the movement away from disposable, 'fast' fashion, towards a more sustainable and rewarding form of dressing – but one that never forgets to be fun. I want to help enable women to express their creativity through clothing, regardless of size, shape or age. My designs are intended to fit into your me-made wardrobe year-round, and to work as canvases for your own creativity.

All of the patterns come in UK sizes 6–20, and I'm in the process of expanding this up to size 28. Each design comes with in-depth, fully illustrated instructions to guide you through. They are drafted for an average height of 5'5" and a B cup.

Before I started Nina Lee I'd been sewing for myself since my teens. You can follow my personal sewing adventures here.