Maroon Nina Lee Mayfair Dress PDF sizes 16-28 modelled by pattern tester Laura in her living room

Introducing my new size range!

It's here at last! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that yesterday marked the release of 3 of my bestselling designs in a new, expanded size range. The Mayfair Dress, the Carnaby Dress and the Southbank Sweater are now available as PDFs in UK sizes 16–28 (in addition to the original 6–20).
Carnaby-tester Angela looking as excited as I feel!
The new PDFs are not simply graded-up versions of the existing patterns. They have been redrafted, fit-model-test-fitted, regraded and finally pattern-tested across all sizes. Whilst my original block is based on an hourglass figure, the new size range shifts towards a slightly more pear-shaped silhouette. You'll notice that the new size range overlaps 3 sizes with the initial range – sizes 16, 18 and 20. This is to enable sewists who wish to grade across sizes the option to do so within each size range (e.g. if you want to grade between 14 and 18, buy the 16–20 range; if you wish to grade between 18 and 22 buy the new range – or, if you wish to grade between 16 and 20, you can choose whichever you feel is more appropriate for your body). Check out the full body measurements for each range on our sizing chart here. The patterns remained drafted fundamentally from a B-cup block. I've had a few questions about this already and whilst I can see the reasoning behind employing a new cup size at this point, I decided to retain the B-cup because ultimately I would like to introduce variable cup sizes across my entire size range. I've had plenty of 6–20 testers who've needed to do FBAs, and many of my 16–28 testers did not. So, one step at a time!
Pattern-tester Marci in her super-chic Carnaby!

The new patterns also feature little tweaks and adaptations to help them work better for curvier figures. The Carnaby Dress has more ease around the bust, waist and hips but the neckline is slightly less wide. The skirt seamline has been raised so it doesn't hit quite on the widest part of the hips and the back skirt has darts and a gently scooped hem for subtle shaping.

Southbank-tester Lisa giving all the cosy vibes in her snuggly sweater dress!
The Southbank Sweater has been lengthened and the side seams curve inwards at the waist to a slightly lesser degree.
Mayfair-tester Emily showing off her fabulous Mayfair!
The Mayfair Dress has been adapted around the neckline to allow for a little more coverage. Check out each product page for more photos from my wonderful team of testers! Moving forward, my plan is to invest in getting more of my designs into the new size range this year. Kew, Camden and Portobello might be next up. Although I can't promise I'll do 3 at once again – managing 3 simultaneous pattern tests was a bit mind-fuddling – I swear I started dreaming about cutting layouts...! Anyway, if you have any other questions about the new size range, or know which pattern you'd like to see join it next, let me know in the comments! Nina x
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