Portobello Trouser pattern inspiration

Portobello Trousers Inspiration

Portobello Trouser pattern inspiration Every time wide-legged trousers are top of the trends (and it's pretty regularly), I rejoice. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I live in skinny jeans and jeggings as much as the next woman, but there's something so inherently elegant about wide-legged trousers, coupled with the comfort (oh, the comfort!) of not having a permanent wedgie. I've pulled together here some of the inspiration (and you can see more on our Pinterest) I had in mind whilst designing our Portobello trousers. 1940s wide-leg trousers I love the way, styled with a soft blouse, the Portobello trousers can make me feel as though I should be sipping martinis from a cocktail trolley whilst conducting a fast-paced flirtation with Cary Grant. 1970s wide leg trousers Ah, the eternal summer of the 1970s. Imagine Portobello in a paisley print with a crochet crop top – too much? (I'm going to try it!) Or perhaps a Portobello jumpsuit hack should be on the cards ... Either way, there's nothing like capacious, floaty trousers for summer picnics on the lawn – they're your own personal picnic rug! smart wide leg trousers Change up the fabric to something with weight like a lightweight wool or a weighty crepe and your wide-legged trousers will mean business. This is such a classic style that it can be adapted into so many directions; the small selection of images and ideas above are just the tip of the wide-legged iceberg. We really cannot wait to see all your takes on the Portobello trouser pattern! x
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