The Richmond Blazer Sew-Along!

The Richmond Blazer Sew-Along!

Hello, and welcome to my first-ever sew-along! I've designated March Richmond month – meaning in addition to this sew-along there's a whopping third off the pattern price for both pdf and printed. Every few days throughout the month I'll publish the next step in the sew-along, so by the end of March we'll have a complete set of detailed, photographic instructions and if you're sewing along with me, you'll have a complete blazer! The content will be divided as follows:
  1. Inspiration (today!)
  2. Gathering supplies
  3. Preparing your pattern pieces, including lengthening, shortening and grading between sizes
  4. The pockets, part 1
  5. The pockets, part 2
  6. Assembling the body and collar, part 1
  7. Assembling the body and collar, part 2
  8. Finishing the collar and facing
  9. Sleeve heads and shoulder pads (optional)
  10. Inserting the sleeves
  11. Assembling the lining
  12. Attaching the lining
  13. Finishing the jacket!

Inspiration for your Richmond Blazer

Blazers are perfect for this transitional time of year when you start to want to shrug off those heavy winter coats but still need that extra layer (or, if you're in the southern hemisphere, flip that!). Plus they go with everything – making for an easy way to dress up a pair of jeans, a preppy look with a skirt, a bang-on-trend mix-and-matchable suit, or a touch of relaxed elegance when thrown over a long dress. Frankly, you can rely on a blazer to make you look put-together, no matter what you've thrown on underneath!

It's hardly surprising they're all over the high street, magazines and Instagram – right now often styled with matching wide-legged or cropped flare trousers to make some stunning wearable co-ords. But don't just take my word for it... And Other Stories has an entire section of its shop site dedicated to blazers... Stylist magazine says they're one of the key 'building blocks' of your wardrobe...

Suits abound: as seen in Topshop, a blazer-trouser co-ord set that it would be easy to recreate with the Portobello Trousers (as I did last summer)!

A relaxed suit in a pastel shade makes the perfect spring/summer wedding guest outfit! Pair with a cropped top (I'm wearing a Kew Dress hack), a crisp shirt or a soft floaty blouse (Park Lane, anyone??)...

If you're feeling bold, you could opt to pair your blazer with matching tailored shorts, a look most winningly worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...

Crepes, linens and medium-weight cottons make for gorgeous spring/summer blazers, whilst wool, corduroys and velvets are divine in winter. And certainly don't hold back if you fancy a print – that And Other Stories gingham blazer is a fabulous take on plaid for summer, or you could use a furnishing fabric in a stunning floral... (We'll talk fabric in a bit more detail in the supplies post.) For this sew-along I'm making a hot pink cotton velvet Richmond and a pair of matching trousers – it's quite a statement but one that I think is just perfect for jazzing up this intermediate time of year. So get ready to see lots of close-ups of pink velvet and juicy sewing details as we sew Richmond together!

Next up: Gathering your supplies (5th March).

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